Jesus loved telling parables

Jesus loved telling parables. Here is a parable that follows up on building a house on rock instead of on shifting sand.
The homeowner notices a hole in the floor, due to termites slowly having eaten away at the wood on the floor. This problem needs to be repaired because the homeowner is old and needs to sell the house to move into a retirement home. The owner sits and writes down the possible ways to get the repair done. They are:
  1. Have faith that the problem will be fixed
  2. Believe the that the problem will be fixed on its own
  3. By grace, a freely given gift, the floor will be repaired
  4. Pray that the repair will happen
  5. Some of the above and getting off one’s butt and working to repair and replace the rotten boards.
To explain this parable, think of a good Christian soul as the house. The person has a solid foundation for their religion and trust in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ. However, at some point we all have faults and weaknesses, we are all sinners. But in preparation for that next and final step on this earth, people need to search out any problems in their life that need to be repaired before their last day on earth arrives and stand before God’s perfect judgement. Will you be wise enough to take all five steps and actions needed to make sure you are ready for that final moment that impacts your soul for all eternity?
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