Sharing God’s Love in Strip Clubs

I just read a fantastic article in the Late Summer 2020 edition of The San Antonio Beacon, “Women share God’s love in strip clubs and modern-day brothels.” This inspirational article tells how Lisa Michelle, listened to a calling from God to follow Jesus into a strip club. The article says, “Everyone needs Jesus, and through Lisa and her team, every woman is given the opportunity to meet Him.” Lisa’s ministry is called No Strings Attached (NSA). They offer useful and tangible gifts for the strippers and that symbolic gesture opens the door for more meaningful connections and conversations, meeting backstage in the clubs’ dressing rooms. They are doing exactly what Jesus did by ministering to those who need Him the most.
The article concludes with, “Going into dark places is a difficult reminder of Lisa’s past: but because of her obedience to God’s whisper, she and many others have experienced holy moment after holy moment. And there is an expectant  spirt that there are many more holy moments ahead.”  See the entire article and subscribe the free San Antonio Beacon ( ) 
God bless all the people that NSA touches.
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James: The Precious Pearl


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